If you plan on making your current home the space you wish to grow old in, you understand the importance of making your current property safer and more livable. This change can be accomplished by aging-in-place renovations. These renovations are all about modifying your existing home to keep up with the needs of senior life. Keep reading for some key insights into the positive impacts of aging-in-place renovations.

Essential Bathroom Additions

According to the National Homebuilders Association, the most common aging-in-place home updates include grab bars, curbless showers, and raised toilets. These installations make the space easier to navigate and allow for greater accessibility with your main bathroom fixtures. Homeowners prioritize having a walk-in shower implemented, as this significantly lowers the risk of slipping. Seating and grab bars contribute to a walk-in shower’s ease of accessibility as well, ensuring that mobility is not a barrier to day-to-day routines. Investing in all of these additions for each bathroom can greatly enhance your quality of life.

Expanded Hallways and Modified Doorways

Homeowners who find their hallways too narrow opt for widening them with the help of professional design-build renovators. One staple renovation is replacing door knobs with level-style handles, making them easier to grip. Such a straightforward change has a widespread positive impact on navigating your home. Furthermore, wider spaces allow for easier navigation with mobility aids like walkers or wheelchairs, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting independence for everyone. Making changes to increase clearance throughout the entire home accommodates any physical limitations, making it simpler to move around comfortably.

Chair Lifts and Ramps

When homeowners think of aging-in-place renovations, ramps and chair lifts may come to mind. Ramp entrances are essential for the navigation needs of anyone with limited mobility. Chair lifts are also an essential aging-in-place renovation. Simply put, this addition is perfect for multi-story homes, as moving up and down stairs can become more difficult over time. It’s never too early to focus on having these accessibility features added to your property, and the upgrades can make life easier for all your guests.

Our design build team will consult with you on how and where ramp entrances can be incorporated around the house, as well as how chair lifts should be operated. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the features and customization options of each aging-in-place renovation you opt for.

These are not the only aging-in-place renovations that homeowners seek out. Upgraded lighting, added storage spaces, smart home technology upgrades, and first-floor primary bedroom constructions are amongst some other upgrades that contribute to the creation of a forever home. Modifying or even overhauling your home to be livable for anyone, regardless of physical limitations, brings long-term benefits. The exceptional team at Wenger Contracting is here to execute comprehensive renovations and redesigns that strengthen your home’s longevity. If you’re looking for custom aging-in-place renovations in Chester County, Delaware County, or a nearby area, get in touch with our team. We look forward to working with you to make your forever home a reality.