When it comes to bathroom remodeling, homeowners are looking for more than just simple upgrades that don’t really enhance their living experience. When you choose a design build firm like Wenger Contracting, you’re working with a team that is dedicated to making your living experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible. If you’re ready to take your primary bathroom to the next level, read on. We are excited to share some of the most popular bathroom additions that homeowners like yourself have fallen in love with.

Spa-Like Shower

What better place to start during your bathroom remodeling than your shower? Since it’s a space you use daily, you want this experience to be the best it can possibly be. Many homeowners are opting for large, walk-in showers, complete with multiple showerheads with their own rainfall and handheld options. In fact, according to Gitnux, 80% of primary bathroom remodels include upgrading the shower and expanding its size. To maximize your relaxation and comfort, consider also having a steam shower installed to bring the joys of a steam room to your own home. Modern showers will be fitted with advanced temperature controls, ensuring you get the most comfortable temperature every time. With a brand new shower, you can take your daily routine into one of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Freestanding Tubs

Like everyone else, we’re sure you enjoy the relaxation that can come with a peaceful bath. Freestanding tubs are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their bold design statement and functionality. These tubs add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom and come in countless design options. Whether you’re looking for modern, sleek, or classic options, freestanding tubs are a great choice. They offer unmatched comfort and provide a deep soak. Dim the lights, grab a glass of wine, and sit back and relax in your beautiful new tub.

Heated Floors

Heated floors have become some of our clients’ favorite additions after their remodel, and for good reason. Let’s be honest, nobody likes taking a middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom with floors as cold as ice. With quality heated flooring, you can keep your floors at the perfect temperature year-round, making every step an enjoyable experience.

Smart Features

In the modern age, homeowners are looking to optimize their lives with the use of technology, and this includes bathrooms. There are countless options available for you to take your bathroom to the next level. Do you hate getting out of the shower only to discover your mirror is covered in fog? We do too! Consider having our team install anti-fog mirrors to avoid situations like that. Voice-activated showers and faucets give you a level of convenience that cannot be understated. Smart toilets often come with features like self-cleaning, heated seats, and more. The possibilities are limitless.

Ready to get started with bathroom remodeling? Choose Wenger Contracting to work with the team that Delaware and Chester County have counted on for years. Together, we can build a bathroom that will stand the test of time, improve your living experience, and look beautiful. Contact us today to start your bathroom renovation journey. We look forward to working with you.