As we get further into 2024, more and more homeowners are deciding to opt for a full-scale remodel of their kitchen. However, many property owners aren’t sure what ideas to implement into their new kitchen. With countless options that can transform your home, trust a kitchen remodeling company to implement stellar additions to your space. The following trends blend style and functionality to enhance your kitchen.

Sustainable Solutions

Having sustainable elements in your home is a priority for many homeowners. As eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances begin to take center stage, find a kitchen remodeling company that can seamlessly integrate environmentally friendly options into your kitchen that reduce your carbon footprint and promote a healthier, greener Earth.

Consider having your design build team install energy-saving LED lighting and water-efficient fixtures. The professionals can go over a range of options that can make your kitchen greener. According to Energy Star, qualified refrigerators are at least 15% more efficient than the federal minimum. When paired with other appliances, you can significantly cut down on your energy use.

Smart Features

Technology has completely changed every part of our lives and homes, including the kitchen. When you’ve decided to move forward with a high-end kitchen remodel, it’s essential to consider integrating smart technology. The implementation of this technology will allow you to remotely control appliances and lights, manage grocery lists, and more.

While you’re cooking, simply set your smart faucet to dispense an exact amount of water, ensuring you get perfect measurements and allowing you to continue doing other tasks without worrying about your water overflowing. There are truly countless ways to integrate technology into your kitchen, making it a worthy investment if you want to take your cooking and meal-prepping abilities to the next level.

Natural Stone Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming more popular every year, with beautiful natural stone taking center stage. Materials like quartz, marble, and granite are sure to stand out and offer numerous uses. Islands offer additional storage, extra seating, and various other uses. A brand-new island is something you don’t want to miss out on during your kitchen remodel this year.

Custom Cabinetry

Adding custom cabinetry to your kitchen is a great way to make your space stand out. We’ll help you find the material that will best suit your needs and tastes. For example, if you want a timeless feel in your kitchen, consider having solid wood cabinets installed. If you’re looking for more of a modern and sleek look, opt for a high-gloss material.

Luxury Flooring

No luxury kitchen remodel is complete without beautiful flooring options. Imagine your kitchen paired with hardwood, ceramic, or even a natural stone floor. If you want to take your kitchen flooring to the next level, consider having heated flooring implemented into your space. Not only will your space look beautiful but you’ll also never have to worry about stepping on an ice-cold floor when you make your morning coffee.

These are just a few popular trends to consider for your kitchen this year. Looking for a team that can professionally handle your full-scale luxury kitchen remodel in Delaware or Chester County? Look no further than Wenger Contracting. Call today to hear how we can transform your kitchen.