Every building you see, from breezy vacation homes to your expansive getaway shows the dedication design-build firms have to their work. If you’re looking for a whole house renovation design company, then these teams are at the heart of this business. If you want to move to the home of your dreams, then consider a custom remodeling service; according to The Zebra, a trusted insurance comparison site, you can have the home you’ve always wanted by investing in custom remodeling services. Let’s see what these professionals bring to the table that’s so crucial to a successful project.


Our whole-home remodeling team in Delaware County is tasked with understanding and interpreting architectural visions of your home. Before any work begins, we’ll work to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality, ensuring your ideas can be brought to life within the timeline we promise. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a totally new construction, we’ll communicate with you the costs, feasibility, and timetable.

Safety Experts

Safety is of utmost importance during any whole house renovation design project. Remodeling companies, through training and practical experience, have intricate knowledge of all relevant safety regulations and practices, and we’re no different. Attempting to do this work alone can result in laws being broken or even serious injuries. We’re qualified to ensure the site is secure to prevent accidents while staying compliant with local laws.

Team Leaders

At the end of the day, home construction is about people. Whether that’s you being immensely satisfied at the end of the project or the skilled professional leading our team, people play a crucial role. The role of design-build remodeling firms is to lead diverse workers (demolition, design, installation) toward the completion of your home. Without someone leading the way, there could be great confusion and delays to the project.

Skilled design-build firms are essential to any home renovation project. Without us, it’s nearly impossible and much more difficult to get work done on time. We even offer 1-year workmanship warranties because we’re so confident in our team. When you’re looking for a highly talented team of design builders ready to transform every aspect of your home, then contact Wenger Remodeling today. We have the tools to transform your Chester County home into everything you need. Contact us today.