According to Choice Mutual, over 90% of older adults would prefer to live in their own homes rather than being placed in assisted living facilities later in life. As you grow older, you may start thinking about how you would like to stay in the home you love in Delaware County or Chester County. You may even be ready to get started with the services of a professional and experienced aging-in-place renovation company. Here at Wenger Contracting, we ensure all our clients are satisfied with the results of their home renovation projects. Here are a few ways we ensure all adults we work with get the custom designs they seek as they age.

Coordination From the Beginning

When you engage our team for whole house renovation design services, you won’t be disappointed. During your initial consultation, we will ask you what you are looking to get out of the project. Whether you need enhanced accessibility, improved lighting, or more safety features, we will ensure we understand your view. This allows us to draw up designs that make the most sense for your end goal. We place heavy importance on coordination between our team and your family from the get-go!

Keeping You in the Loop

Once our design ideas are ready to be reviewed, we ask you to check them out. Whether you’re interested in a whole house renovation, custom kitchen design, brand-new bathrooms, or an addition to your home, we will show you our vision from room to room. We understand that, by investing in custom remodeling services, you can have the home you’ve always wanted without the hassle of moving, according to The Zebra. Your involvement ensures your experience with our team is everything you want and more.

Inviting Your Feedback Every Step of the Way

We always invite our clients to provide feedback. If you don’t like our idea for your primary bedroom, tell us. If you envision something different for your living room expansion, let us know. You hire us to turn your dreams into a reality! Especially when it comes to engaging an aging-in-place renovation company, you plan on living in your home for years to come, so always feel free to tell us what you want most.

Once the designs are finalized and you’ve given us the go-ahead, we get started on construction. Whether you want the experience of a barrier-free bathroom or a kitchen addition to enhance the amount of space you have to cook, clean, and entertain, we’ll check in with you throughout the building process to ensure you’re still happy with the project’s progression.

As you age, independence becomes a priority, especially if you would like to live in your current home for as long as possible. Many adults feel safest in their own comfortable spaces, and you may feel the same. Enjoy the comfort of your beautiful home as you age with the help of our reliable, customer-facing aging-in-place renovation company. Contact our team at Wenger Contracting today to get started on creating spaces you’ll love for years to come!